20 million tons are taken from wild fish populations annually to be processed into animal feed. Overfishing of the oceans has been a major issue that has come into the public view the last few years, but has been a concern of scientists since the 90’s. Governments, institutions, and companies are seeking to find ways to reduce what we take from the ocean, recognizing it is not an infinite resource and we are depleting it at a much faster rate than it is replenished. The Changing Markets Foundation reports that it may take up to 5 kilos (11lbs) of wild fish to make 1 kilo (2.2lbs) of fish meal that only yields a maximum of .8 kilos (1.76lbs) of farmed salmon or shrimp, which is less than 1/6th of the original mass of wild fish.



At BiG Link Feed, we are eliminating the need for fish meal & fish oil to provide nutrition to farmed animals. We are doing so through discovering and utilizing the full potential of untapped sustainable, natural resources freely available to us today. These resources are  currently carbon neutral and through implementing the proper systems will become carbon negative.




Colton’s background began in medical sales, where he had the opportunity to learn about persistence and building relationships . After moving through a few different sales positions, Colton learned about the young field of regenerative medicine. In July of 2016, he started Rahav Innovative Technologies, a company selling innovative regenerative medical products and human tissue. During that time, Colton helped 2 startup tissue banks build a Medical Advisory Board and begin clinical trial studies for their products. After 3 successful years, Colton recognized his true passion for innovation was not being met through sales alone and that is when he began researching for what became BiG Link Feed. Driven by a passion for biotechnology and sustainability, Colton began exploring the rapidly growing field of new protein sources. After much research and consideration, he landed on the animal feed sector and BiG (Blue in Green) Link Feed was created.

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Andrew Potter, PhD is a Phycologist who focuses on algal ecophysiology in relation to biomass productivity and biochemistry. He is the founder of Algae Analytics, where he has led projects on industrialization of algal biomass production and product development. He began researching algae in 1999 isolating new algae species from extreme habitats, and still uses some of those species in his work. His photobioreactor designs incorporate hardware and software controls that increase automation, but he believes commercial algae cultivation can learn a thing or two from traditional farming practices. Dr. Potter believes that algae will play a significant role in the future including in nutrition, environmental remediation, medicine, advancing basic research and the development of many new products.

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